Was anyone else as speechless as me at how incredibly youthful Madonna looked on The Graham Norton Show last week? On the show promoting her new movie, 'W.E.', (which, incidentally, stars local lass Andrea Riseborough as Wallace Simpson), Madge looked ever so serene with not a single line crinkling that perfect brow. Funny that!

Did you catch her reference to her beloved Miu Miu sunglasses that she's been wearing recently at all her red-carpet events: 'Miuccia will love these'  Madonna said, when Graham gave her a tiny pair of replica red Miu Miu sunglasses that had been lovingly made for her by two Italian fans.  Madge had to spoil it by saying 'They're not quite the right shape though'.

Some people are never happy!  Check out the actual Miu Miu sunglasses at The Big Optician, the only stockiest of Miu Miu eyewear in the North East.'