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Discover Bulgari's Diva Collection

Over time, Bulgari has been a constant protagonist of the Glamour culture and Italian style.

The Glam Culture began with Elizabeth Taylor - the first real Diva - wearing an exceptional Bulgari necklace.

Inspired by the greatest stars, who command attention, the Diva collection captures the glamour, exalts grace and reflects radiance.

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BMX Oakley Star Josh Harrington - Trip to Estonia

In this short film documenting Oakley's Josh Harrington on a trip to the seemingly cold and desolate Eastern European state of Estonia for the Simpel Session contest, we experience in his own words the solidarity of self-awareness of traveling to a foreign country, unable to adjust to your surroundings while still having to focus on putting himself in the mindset of riding in front of thousands of people on a BMX bike.

TAGS: Oakley, BMX, Sport, Designer Frames