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The drivers who are too vain to wear their glasses

Millions of motorists are putting themselves and others at risk on Britain's roads because they are too vain to wear their glasses while driving.

A survey by One Poll revealed one in eight drivers who should wear glasses whilst behind the wheel admit to driving without them.

Worryingly 43 per cent of those who admitted to not wearing glasses to drive when they should said the reason they chose not to do so was vanity.

Drivers under 44 years old were 15 times more likely to leave their glasses at home than the over 55s.

Anyone with bad eyesight caught going without faces hefty fines and could lose their licence. Motoring lawyer Nick Freeman warned that drivers might even find themselves behind bars.

'If you are involved in an accident where someone dies and you are found to have not been wearing glasses when you should then you could face a charge of death by dangerous driving.'

'If convicted you could find yourself facing a fifteen year jail sentence. I cannot stress it strongly enough. Don't take the risk, always keep a spare pair of glasses in your car. It's just not worth the risk.'

(Taken from MailOnline by Corey Charlton)

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