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Eyewear Fashion Trends 2015

Eyewear Fashion Trends 2015

Fashion writer Joan Grady takes a look at eyewear fashion trends for 2015

Fashion has a dual nature, combining future projections as well as well as delving into the past. This dual nature is actually one of the contributing factors that make fashion invigorating. Nowadays there is a fusion of tradition, blended with the latest technology. The result is eyewear that is finely made, in gorgeous colours, expressive and wearable shapes. For 2015, there is a balanced blend of fashion forward, while respecting the style elements of past decades.

Multiple selections of different materials, colours and shapes make shopping for new frames a genuine pleasure. The diversity takes into consideration face shapes, and personal lifestyle choices. 

Shape Strategies

Optical and sunglass frames are available in many desirable shapes to suit your needs. Aviator, round, oval, and cat-eye frames provide exciting possibilities. A true classic is the aviator, which first made its debut in the 1930’s for pilots. The flattering shape became an instant success, and achieved further acclaim when General McArthur was photographed in an aviator frame during World War II.

The design was usually associated with men – as Paul McCartney, and Ringo Starr wore them, and then Peter Fonda looked so striking wearing aviators in the 1969 film Easy Rider.  Nowadays, the shape is a favourite for women as well, with finely crafted designs that are graceful and distinctive. Metal, titanium and stainless steel allow the aviator shape interesting options. Slim and slender is keynote in frame designs, with the exception of sunglasses, where both trim and voluminous shapes share the spotlight.

Round shapes also have a long history, and are currently enjoying a fashionable revival. Eighteenth century portraitures show elegantly dressed men, including Benjamin Franklin, wearing round spectacles. The 20th century versions are decidedly more contemporary, and available in sumptuous materials – including horn, titanium, metals, tortoiseshell, acetate, and finely crafted wood. The Windsor rim frame remains a timeless classic, particularly for men, 

Oval shapes have a delicate symmetry, subtle and refined.

The new eyewear collections feature this shape in numerous colour and material variations. It also effectively suits many different face shapes. 

When cat-eye frames were first introduced, they were playful and exaggerated. Fans included Audrey Hepburn, Elisabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe. Contemporary versions are more polished and delicate, yet styles still retain an artful feline grace.

For sunglasses and especially for women - the bigger the better! Generously proportioned sunglass frames are luxurious, alluring and captivating. The natural beauty of acetate lends itself victoriously to sunglasses, and the colour range is superb. For men, Aviators are a winner, and round shapes are gaining numerous fans.

Colour Therapy and Magical Materials

The ability to bring colour to frames has undoubtedly revolutionized eyewear. Black remains a beloved tradition, and tortoiseshell is demonstrating a renaissance. Tortoiseshell has always been a favourite material for frames. Thanks to technological miracles, genuine tortoiseshell has been replaced by beautiful examples in acetate. For the new season, different coloured tortoiseshells are available – including blue, green and red.

Grey is frequently seen as a difficult colour to wear on the face. However, the new interpretations dispel that fear, as the latest variations have luminous transparency, giving greys a very sophisticated look.

Certain colours really stand out for eyewear in 2015:

Nature’s best greens, Summer blues, and Daring Reds, with a touch of Sun-kissed Orange and delicate blush pinks. 

Luscious free-spirited colours highlight frames, balanced with neutrals, black and tortoiseshell, and glorious tones of cappuccino, sand and shell. Naturals are never dull – luminosity and colour shadings merge delicately, with perhaps a splash of contrast, and bring impact to these colours. 

Technology has invaded eyewear, and the result is a vast assortment of materials that are now used for frame designs. Acetate is synonymous with eyewear, but new interpretations are possible, with flowing colour gradations, plus smooth, pure matt finishes, laser and heat treatments. Chiselled acetate, hammered metals, and metal frames with cut-outs - either on the frame front or temples - provide a creative accent. 

Finishing Touches

Eyewear embellishments frequently add an original signature to frame designs. UK brand Eyespace with their Cocoa Mint designs feature leather braiding intricately laced along the front end of the temples, that compliments the plaited hair trend. Sleek trims provide a mix of modern-vintage styling.

A British brand with superior heritage is Jaeger, which has been clothing men and women in high quality natural fibres for one hundred twenty-five years. The same philosophy applies to the eyewear deigns which are crafted from pure Titanium in Japan. The latest collection offers a comprehensive selection of frames and colours, uniting classic and modern shapes.

A new British eyewear brand just launched is a cool collection designed exclusively for young men, inspired by Crosshatch – the casual clothes fashion company that is known for its bold graphics and intense colours. The frame designs reflect the UK’s vibrant music scene, and are crafted with uncompromising quality, with spring hinges, and multi-layer acetates. The colour palette includes the trends of the season – greys and blues, mixed with classic black and tortoiseshell.

Shopping for eyewear is a fun and fashionable adventure, an experience that can be appreciated and enjoyed. Tradition and trends, both past and present unite harmoniously. There is an abundance of stylish, unique and wearable frames in an expansive colour palette, flattering shapes and beautiful materials. There are certainly lots of reasons to go on an eyewear expedition!

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