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Ray-Ban Liteforce

Ray-Ban Liteforce

Liteforce is a semi-crystalline thermoplastic used in the aerospace and chemical industries because of its outstanding chemical and mechanical resistance. Applied to eyewear, these features guarantee exceptional lightness, strength and gauge that are difficult to achieve with traditional materials.
If lightness, resistance and substance are important in sunglasses, they are essential for the perfect prescription glasses.
In 2014, Liteforce was re-introduced in the vision segment, with a complete collection that includes five different shapes, original colors and an innovative opaque-shiny finish.
The star is as always the Wayfarer, presented in the new prescription glasses version with all the ductility and elegance of the original and new versions. The frame is entirely made from Liteforce. The metal micro-fusion crafted hinge is incised with the Ray-Ban logo. The classic Wayfarer version is available in opaque grey, black, opaque dark blue, petroleum blue and purple. The new Wayfarer version comes in opaque grey, black, petroleum blue and purple.

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