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How your glasses are made

How your glasses are made

Modern spectacles are the result of continuous advances an design, materials and manufacturing technology. Most people are now able to wear glasses that are not only more stylish, but also offer better vision than was possible even a few years ago.

Having the best possible lenses is the key to clear and comfortable sight. So here we look at how modern lenses are made to your individual prescription and why virtually everyone should consider having lens coatings.

After you've had your eye test and chosen a frame, the details of your optical prescription and the frame are sent to the optical laboratory. The Big Optician uses Seiko as their lenses of choice.

Because each pair of spectacles is unique, the manufacturing process starts with a laboratory technician entering your prescription details into a computer. This provides a detailed specification which is fed into a sophisticated lathe called a curve generator. The generator uses semi-finished lenses called 'blanks' and shapes their surfaces so that each lens gives the required optical correction. It is the curvature on each lens that determines its optical power.

Your lenses are then polished and, if required, tinted to produce prescription sunglasses. At this stage they can also have special treatments applied, such as anti-reflection and scratch-resistant coatings and UV light filters.

Next your lenses are put on an edge grinder. This cuts their sides so that they precisely match the shape of your frame. The lenses are then carefully inserted and the finished spectacles sent back to The Big Optician for checking.

Today's advanced manufacturing ensures that your lenses are precisely made to your individual specification. As independent opticians we're free to use any laboratory throughout the UK and our choice is determined by a lab's technical expertise and quality control. That way we're confident your spectacles lenses will give you the best possible vision according to your prescription.

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