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Your Questions Answered

Your Questions Answered

Here we look at some of the most commonly asked questions about your eyesight:

Q: Why do more people need glasses as they get older?

A: As you age, the lens inside your eye loses some of its flexibility. This causes a natural condition known as presbyopia and makes it more difficult to focus on close-up objects. That's why many people aged over 45 find they need spectacles for reading. Because everyone's vision changes over time, it's important to have regular eye tests

Q: How do I know if my children need spectacles?

A: Research shows that one in five children has an undetected vision problem. Excessive blinking is one sign, together with squinting, peering closely at books and TV, and poor performance at school. Annual eye tests are advisable for all children.

Q: Why do I sometimes see spots floating in front of my eyes?

A: Most people notice these "floaters" from time to time, particularly in bright conditions. They are usually caused by minute debris floating inside your eyes and are quite normal. But if you experience a marked increase in the number of floaters or see flashing lights, you should contact The Big Optican immediately.

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