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Theatre curtains go up: the protagonist is Vogue Eyewear's Mystic Collection

Theatre curtains go up: the protagonist is Vogue Eyewear's Mystic Collection

Playful bright colors, intense mysterious charm, this is Vogue Eyewear's Mystic Collection, the latest collection designed by Isabelli Fontana. Any iconic motifs? A ladybug on the temples to convey positive energy and good fortune.

Mystic Collection is the latest Vogue Eyewear collection designed by Isabeli Fontana, the brand's ambassador for Brazil. The charming model with her sunny, dynamic and trendy style that is also feminine and elegant perfectly embodies the values of Vogue Eyewear. She offers additional insight into her character with the new collection, namely the mystic traits of her personality.

Isabelli is fascinated by the beauty of the past and by the unpredictability of the present. Mystic Collection is inspired by her life, which merges concreteness and spirituality, a passion for style, trendy contemporary glamour, and a fascination for the energy contained in earthly items, for lucky charms, for all that keeps negativity away.

100% Made in Brazil, Mystic Collection includes four models, three sunglasses and one pair of spectacles. With a special distinctive motif on the temples, a ladybug. Symbol of positive energy and good luck, the same as the tattoo Isabelli has in common with her mother.

And what about the color palette? Playful and bright, inspired by the latest trends, it is based on Isabelli's intense mystic world. Starting from the names... "Mystery Purple", pale enveloping purple that evokes mystery and wisdom; "Crystal Blue", classical cobalt inspired by ocean blue, the symbol of peace and serenity; "Red Fever", exotic red for passion and power; "Green Paradise", emerald green, like the light of the precious stone that is associated with nature and balance; "Red Treasure", pale red, the symbol of abundance and prestige; "Infinity Green", dark green, an image of growth and success.

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