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Bulgari - A Timeless Love Story

Bulgari - A Timeless Love Story

A timeless love story connects Bvlgari and its divas. It's a passion that blossomed at the dawn of the Dolce Vita, in the Cinecittà of the '50s and '60s, and is meant to last forever.

To past and present divas Bvlgari dedicates its Diva Collection, a true homage to Italian femininity. The sophisticated and sinuous design of eyewear encloses the ancient magnificence of the Eternal City, Rome, witness since the beginning of the brand's history.

Once again Bvlgari has drawn inspiration from Rome's monuments, which has always been testimonials of the Brand's history. The exclusive design execution featured in the DIVA eyewear collection recalls the ancient Baths of Caracalla.

The fan-shaped mosaics cover the walls, floors and ceilings of this famed location. The baths, following the Emperor will, were also decorated with frescoes, statues and bas-reliefs, consistently with the concept of daily luxury typical of Rome and in perfect harmony with the Bvlgari Maison.

Mosaics come to life in the décor thanks to an elaborate design that is the result of the skillful juxtaposition of different sections and materials: glimmering finishing with precious metal colors , pure crystals and enamels with mother-of-pearl effects.

Seductive volumes and sublime finishing embody a luxurious beauty, in a majestic tribute to a timeless elegance. Each eyewear creation, made with expert craftsmanship, evokes the charisma of the eternal divas.

The four models, three sun style and one optical style, create a collection that is a hymn to beauty that cannot be tarnished by time, a declaration of love by Bvlgari to its divas and Rome, all sharing the same destiny: eternity.

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