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Ralph Lauren Automotive

Ralph Lauren Automotive

Ralph Lauren is well-known for being one of the world’s biggest collectors of classic cars.

A new special edition celebrates Mr. Lauren’s passion for cars and is inspired by one of the materials that have been a major factor in the development of many classic sports cars: aluminum.  Composed of six new models – three sun and three optical – the lightness of aluminum is the distinctive feature of this collection in addition to the details of the end pieces that are reminiscent of the perforated leather used for driving gloves. On either side of the logo, two small screws replicate rivets, a detail of the bodywork of some of the most famous classic cars. 

The choice of materials is an indication not only of the great aesthetical refinement of the collection, but also of the important design and manufacturing process enhanced by the artisanal quality of every pair of eyeglasses.

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