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Choose well for urgent eye problems

Choose well for urgent eye problems

Looking after your eyes is just as important as looking after the rest of your body.  If you get an eye injury or a problem with your eye it’s important to get help quickly. Would you know where best to go if you had a red eye, a foreign body in your eye, vision problems that come on quickly or eye pain?

A recent Wales-wide survey revealed that 60% of respondents with pain or redness in their eye would contact their GP. Only 34% would visit their optician.
Your local high street optician (optometrist) can give you expert advice on eye problems that need urgent attention and the best way to treat them. They have better equipment than GP surgeries for examining eyes and in Wales they have undergone additional training. You don’t have to be registered with them to seek help. 

If the problem is urgent they will see you for free within 24 hours or refer you to someone who can. Many optometry practices are open on Saturdays. 

As part of National Eye Health Week (21 to 27 September) The Welsh Government and partners are encouraging people to visit their local optometrist if they have an eye problem that needs urgent attention.

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