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Bulgari : Italian Gardens

Bulgari : Italian Gardens

The geometrical precision of the formal garden that was typical during the Renaissance, inspired a special edition of sun and optical eyewear that celebrate their splendour and perfection.

Italian gardens are distinctive because of the spaces that are geometrically divided by hedges, sculpted evergreen bushes (the art of topiary), shaped flowerbeds and intersecting paths. They became widespread during the Renaissance, although Roman emperors loved to surround their villas with large gardens that hosted numerous varieties of plants, flowers and trees.

Italian gardens, as the one found at the Quirinale Palace and the Vatican in Rome, are loved by the Maison that took inspiration to create unique items that combine nature and design and enhance the magnificence and tradition of the brand.

The geometry of formal gardens, where plants are positioned in perfect symmetry to create circular, square and polygonal shapes and settings, is very similar to the art of engraving and chiselling in jewellery making. This is why Bulgari launched in June 2015 the high jewellery collection, Giardini Italiani, that was inspired by the architecture and splendour of the gardens of Italian villas and palaces and reproduced their lines, colours, balance and perfection. The floral patterns inspired the eyewear collection Italian Gardens, composed of four sun and two optical models.

The details of the eyewear collection are characterized by floral decorations whose geometrical shapes reproduce flowers in bloom.

It is in the nature of perfection that creativity and elegance blend to create the timeless, exclusive designs of the Bulgari eyewear collection.

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