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Direct Line puts headlights on drivers’ vision

Direct Line puts headlights on drivers’ vision

Motorists who need glasses or contact lenses but drive without them, increase their risk of an accident by four times, new research has found.

A survey of over 2,000 people conducted by Direct Line Car Insurance found that 16% drivers have had an accident in the past two years, but this figure increased to 67% for those who needed glasses or contacts but didn’t always wear them.

Worryingly, the equivalent of 13.3m motorists were found to be driving with poor eyesight as a result of not wearing their glasses or contact lenses with 21% of respondents saying they always drove without them. More than a third (37%) of motorists also admitted that they hadn’t had a vision test in the past two years.

Short journeys to the doctors or supermarket were when motorists took the most risks by driving with bad eyesight. Within the last year, 26% of motorists had travelled somewhere local without corrected vision. One in 10 said they had taken children to school without glasses or contact lenses.

Men were more likely to not wear their glasses or contacts when driving (40%) along with those aged 18 to 34 (60%).

Gus Park, director of motor at Direct Line commented: ‘Driving with poor eyesight is illegal and can be as dangerous as drink driving. If caught, you risk invalidating your insurance, receiving a fine and in some cases, risk imprisonment.’

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