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BBC DJ recommends varifocal contact lenses

BBC DJ recommends varifocal contact lenses

BBC Radio 1 Breakfast Show presenter Sara Cox, has been announced as the face of Johnson & Johnson's presbyopia contact lens campaign.

Promoting the 1-day Acuvue Moist multifocal, the campaign has been aimed to raise awareness of the benefits of multifocal contact lenses for presbyopia sufferers.

Cox said "Since turning 40, I noticed I was struggling to read the fine print on labels around the house. My optician recommended that I try multifocal contact lenses. They really have been life-changing and with them I can switch my focus effortlessly. It feels good not to be wearing glasses."

Karen Little, owner of The Big Optician said:  "Anyone who knows me is aware that I love wearing stylish glasses.  However there are times such as when I go to the gym, play tennis or ski, when I find contact lenses are so much more convenient than glasses. Having surpassed the age of mid-40, like most people of my age, I have a prescription for reading and a different prescription for distance lenses.  I also suffer from dry eyes which has made contact lens wear a little difficult in the past. However I've found that wearing multifocal contact lenses has transformed my vision. I wear the daily Johnson & Johnson moist multi focal lenses and have found them to be excellent.  A fresh new pair of lenses each time I wear them and they give me great vision for distance and close up (my arms no longer feel too short!).  Perfect for activities when I don't want to wear my glasses and as the contact lenses incorporate a UV light filter I know they are giving my eyes the protection they need from the damaging affects of the sun.

The Big Optician is a main stockist of Johnson & Johnson Acuvue contact lenses and can usually supply contact lenses from stock. 0191 2244555

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