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The New Trend : Metal

The New Trend : Metal

There is no doubt that we are seeing the dynamic rediscovery of a traditional material for the eyeglass industry, one that continues to gain importance.

The malleability of metal combined with its potential for being crafted and transformed opens up a vast gamut of stylistic opportunities that are still being explored.

Trends across allied industries such as architecture, art and jewelery are all fields that in different forms have contributed to “metal hype”, evidence of which is to be found in the accessories at numerous fashion shows of late.

The examples are numerous, from the visible trend of using materials that are typical of sports and high-performance products in the luxury world to the macro trend of recycling and recovering pure and primitive materials. Metal is being revisited with ever greater precision, enriching traditional crafting with techniques like 3D printing brought on by industrial innovation.

The result is a bouquet of combination, surface crafting, coloring and light control effects that are used in various products in our collections: combination acetate-metal models, inclusions, shimmer and engravings lead to interaction with the object that is rich from a visual as well as a tactile standpoint.

It is certainly a theme that encompasses many brands, categories and targets and will play an absolutely key role in the years to come.

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