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Better Vision For The Over 45's ...

Better Vision For The Over 45's ...

One cause of deterioration in vision is presbyopia. This is caused by the natural ageing process of your eyes and it affects nearly everyone over the age of 45 by restricting their ability to focus easily on close objects. The result is blurred vision or tired eyes, especially when reading in lower light.

Fortunately we’re able to help you deal with this condition. For example, if you have never needed vision correction before, you may now just require glasses for close work.
However, if you already wear spectacles, then you have several choices. You may decide to have different glasses for distance and reading, although this can be inconvenient. Or you may choose bifocals or varifocals as these perform both functions in one pair of glasses.

Varifocal (also known as progressive) lenses are the best solution. They have a gradual change in their optical power so there is no dis-concerting jump between your near and distance vision.
What’s more, varifocals give you middle distance focus and look more attractive because they don’t have the dividing line of bifocals (which can also be a tell-tale sign of getting older!)  But not all varifocals are the same. There are different designs and qualities available depending on your needs.

Constant improvements in varifocal lens design and technology have made varifocals much better and at the BIG optician we have thousands of very satisfied varifocal wearers.

Many people over the age of 45 are opting to try the latest technology varifocal contact lenses, such as the Acuvue Multifocal. This is a daily contact lens that affords maximum convenience for people who want full time or part time wear. The best option for presbyopia will depend on your optical prescription and lifestyle.

Our experienced staff will discuss these with you when advising on the most suitable lenses for your specific needs.

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