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Good Looking Lenses

Good Looking Lenses

The appearance of your spectacles are undoubtedly affected by the type of lens you have in them. These days you don’t have to make do with thick, unsightly lenses, even if you have a high optical prescription.

Instead modern hi-index lenses are much thinner and lighter, making your glasses look better as well as being more comfortable to wear.

Most lenses can have special treatments applied which improve their appearance as well as your vision.

We usually recommend an anti reflection (A-R) treatment because it virtually eliminates the light reflected from the lens surface. This offers you several benefits. For example, you’ll look better when wearing glasses with an A-R treatment because there are no distracting reflections to get in the way of direct eye contact.

Furthermore, a reduction in reflected light will improve your vision and will reduce eye strain. An A-R treatment will also reduce oncoming headlight glare when driving at night and it’s helpful when looking at a computer, tablet or phone screen.

Increasingly popular are multi-treated lenses. These combine anti-reflection, scratch resistant, water repellent and UV light treatments to give you outstanding lens performance and appearance.

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